ETP Manufactures Custom Reel Tarps.


Custom cable reel tarp covers industrial cable reels
Rugged tarps to protect coils from the outdoor elements


Cable Reels are used to store heavy duty cable and hoses. They come in many sizes in some cases they can be enormous to accommodate large diameter hose or cable of great length. The Reels and their ETP covers shown here are huge.

The reels and their rolled product would be open to the elements without this type of protection. Rugged industrial fabric protective cover keeps your cable away from dust, sun, and rain

Our custom made reel tarps are fabricated to specification.

As a custom fabricator ETP can make reel tarps to any size. The tarps are made to fit your reel based on diameter and width. Also the particular environment is considered so covers can be made using either from heavy duty PVC coated materials for long term or less expensive/ short term poly materials

Covers feature waterproof seams and can be made with fire retardant materials.

Rated Webbing as a lifting loop can be sewn on.

Available colors: white, black, blue, red, grey, yellow, 

Call us with your specifications.

Cable reel cover

Cable Reel Tarps


Another Reel Covered by a custom tarp