Engineered Textile Products offers a large variety of equipment tarps including vinyl tarps, truck tarps, canvas tarps, mesh tarps, insulated tarps, poly tarps and custom tarps. Although ETP keeps some tarps in stock, custom tarp orders are our specialty.

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18oz. VINYL laminated polyester is our strongest vinyl laminate fabric. It offers excellent strength and durability, while maintaining its flexibility. And, since it is a laminate, it is fire retardant for added safety.
13oz. VINYL laminated polyester is a light weight alternative to our 18 oz fabric, therefore, making easier to handle larger size tarps. It is also fire retardant, and each of these weights can be manufactured to any size you desire.
ETP keeps some tarps in stock. Specific sizes can also be special ordered. Good for truck tarp applications, custom truck tarps.

For more information about our vinyl laminated tarps, please call 1-800-222-8277 or e-mail us.



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Standard sizes from 10 x 8ft. to 12 x 20ft and from 13 oz to 18 oz.
Custom sizes can be quickly quoted and fabricated.


Super Tuff Style Vinyl Coated TARPS
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22oz. VINYL is our maximum performance equipment tarp fabric. It sets the standard in durability and abrasion resistance while still allowing for easy handling and long lasting appearance.
18oz. VINYL is our most popular weight of VINYL coated fabrics. It provides superior tear strength, puncture and abrasion resistance, easy handling and long lasting appearance. Best All Around Value.
14oz. VINYL is a nylon coated medium weight fabric that is similar to our heavier fabrics but with lesser property values.
ETP keeps some tarp sizes in stock. Specific sizes can also be special ordered. Call or e-mail Engineered Textile Products for more specific information on stock items and other details. Excellent for truck tarp usage, custom truck tarps are available.

For more information about our vinyl coated tarp products, please call 1-800-222-8277 or e-mail us.


New insulated tarpINSULATED TARPS & COVERS

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Insulated tarps, custom sizes for your applications. All insulated tarps and covers are custom made for each individual application. All covers do, however, share the same basic characteristics as the illustration shown below. If you have a hard service application where energy is being lost, consider an Insulated Tarp.

Dow Etha Foam® Insulation – Our standard thickness is 1/4″, however, other thickness can be used. Two plies of fabric are used to cover the foam, and will vary depending on your requirements.




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There is a wide variety of mesh tarps available through ETP. They are made from durable fabrics and are great for chips, saw dust, sand, trash or any application when wind should pass through.

The first type is the ETP Sure Mesh, a VINYL coated polyester based fabric. It has high tear strength, weather, and abrasion resistance and excellent cleanabilty. ETP Tight Weave Mesh is a vinyl coated polyester based fabrics and has the same qualities as the Sure Mesh.

The ETP Flat Mesh has the same qualities as the previous two however, it is resistant to UV light degradation. Champion Mesh is heat sealable and sewable.

ETP Onyx Weave fabric is tightly woven polypropylene that is widely used to make truck tarps. This fabric works especially well when used to cover asphalt or rubbish.

Multi Mesh is a durable and abrasion resistant vinyl coated mesh. This is our most popular and economical mesh fabric.

The last mesh fabric we offer is the Shade Cloth Mesh, this is a loosely knitted polypropylene that is sometimes used to make truck tarps. Tarps from this fabric do not have panel seams.



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ETP’s canvas tarps have heavy duty brass grommets, rope reinforced triple thick hems, triple stitched panel seams and impregnated treatment. They are available in khaki, green or olive. We offer these tarps in 10oz. and 12oz. Canvas tarps are extremely durable and economical.

We stock a wide variety of sizes or can custom make a tarp to the size of your choice.

The benefits of a canvas tarp:

• Mildew and water resistance
• Breathable fabric so that moisture can escape
• Economical and durable



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ETP’s poly tarps for home, farm, or industrial use have welded panel seams for extra strength. Poly tarps are an excellent choice for any short term use and are very economical. A wide variety of sizes are kept in stock and can be shipped the same day an order is placed. They are constructed of 1000 Denier, 10×10 count high density resin. 1.5 Mils of Polyethylene is laminated to each side of the fabric. The hems are double stitched with rope and have grommets placed every 3′-4′. These tarps are ideal for boat covers, ground covers, raw material storage, equipment covers, temporary storage, fire wood protection, lumber stack covers, roofing protection. Color: blue.

Another type of poly tarp available is the Poly Plus made from a woven polyethylene fabric. It is available in blue and black. This tarp is not a stock item. It can be made for exact specifications for a custom fit for specific use.


Hurricane Tarps                     

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Do you need a tarp strong enough for a Hurricane? We can fabricate a tarp for you. Your tarp will be made from 32 oz. translucent vinyl coated polyester material which can pass the toughest requirements. From Dade County, Florida to South Padre Island, Texas, this tarp is for you.


Custom Equipment Covers 

Light or heavy duty custom made covers for your equipment. ETP can fabricate customized covers for any piece of equipment for shipping, storage, protection from the weather, etc..
Custom Covers For Equipment; Custom Shapes available with openings and closures.

Rip stop nylon tarps ETP Manufactures Rip stop nylon tarps in both standard and custom sizes.
Rip stop tarps are great for all types of outdoor needs.

Standard Sizes and Prices: 6ft x 8ft : $81.00 each – 7ft x 10ft : $95.00 each – 13ft x 15ft : $255.00 each
Colors Offered:


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Baseball Field Tarps Buy Baseball field tarps direct from the manufacturer. ETPsports sells baseball field tarps, full infield tarps, pitcher mound tarps, batter’s box and on-deck circles.

baseball field tarps
Baseball field tarps