ETP, Engineered Textile Products, Inc., is a custom fabricator of a large variety of industrial, commercial, recreational and environmental fabric products.

Here we supply custom industrial tarps, covers, industrial type curtains and fabric bags. We also carry a complete line of standard truck tarps. All our products are fabricated out of rugged fabrics.

Our truck tarps include:

  • Flat Bed Trailer Tarps.
  • Dump Truck Universal Tarps
  • Roll Off Container Tarps

We also have a line of

  • Heavy Duty Industrial Vinyl Laminated Tarps
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Tarps

Custom Industrial Curtains

  • We can fabricate very large plant curtians
  • Industrial outdoor curtains
  • Industrial Roll-up curtains
  • Insulating Side to side or roll-up curtains
  • Clear Panels
  • Welding Curtains
  • Strip Doors

Custom Fabric Bags

  • Typically heavy duty equipment bags designed per application.
  • We can fabricate sports equipment bags as well.